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brow shape website design by enri digital
brow shape website design by enri digital

Brow Shape
Beauty Lounge & Spa

Designed, built, and optimized a 5-page website for Brow Shape Beauty Lounge & Spa.

Creating their website was a crucial step in boosting their visibility on Google’s local search platform. The website was meticulously crafted with a dual focus: first, ensuring responsiveness across various devices for seamless user experience, and second, implementing strategic and aesthetic design elements.

All efforts were geared towards enhancing their online search visibility to gain more clients and bookings. These efforts have proven to be profitable. They have been attracting more potential customers and fostering a positive brand image within their local target community

Studio 360
Hair Salon

Through this website homepage mockup in desktop format, Studio 360’s website visitors are given a virtual front-row seat to the world of style, creativity, and personalized beauty curated by their visionary stylists and staff – it is a virtual showcase of the Studio 360 experience.

Every element is thoughtfully presented to reflect their brand’s identity and resonate with their audience.

Spa & Wellness

A glimpse of BellaVita’s homepage. A visionary entity that’s redefining the beauty and wellness industry. 

In this website mockup, we get a tantalizing showcase of BellaVita Beauty & Wellness, and their commitment to providing a sanctuary where well-being and beauty are harmoniously woven.

Royal Club Spa
& Wellness Center

Crafted a website for Singapore’s largest 24-hour spa and wellness center, Royal Club Spa.

Their one-page website desktop format aims to provide a comprehensive experience within a single scroll. Every element on the homepage, from service details to booking options and client testimonials, was strategically arranged to offer visitors a seamless and complete view of the spa’s offerings.

The design prioritized intuitive navigation, ensuring that users could effortlessly access all essential information without the need for excessive clicks or navigation through multiple pages.

The goal was to create a cohesive and immersive digital space, condensing the entirety of Royal Spa’s essence into a singular, user-friendly interface for a hassle-free exploration of services and an effortless journey towards relaxation.

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