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the impact of a Website + seo

A Case Study About Brow Shape Beauty Lounge & Spa’s Website + SEO Journey

A Preview

Brow Shape Beauty Lounge & Spa is thriving on social media. But despite their success on Facebook and Instagram, they faced a challenge with their visibility on Google. Lacking a website and with an under-optimized Google Business profile, they sought to enhance their online presence to attract more leads. They wanted to tap into an untapped market of local searchers within Cebu City. 

Initially, their website had a core focus: putting their portfolio on display and acting as a comprehensive service catalogue. When they realized how it could sky-rocket their Google Maps ranking, it became a must-have tool. 

Here’s how I helped them boost their local search rankings, securing a position on the first page of Google, resulting in more than a 500% return on investment (ROI) in under 5 months.

But wait, there’s more! Because SEO optimization is like the gift that keeps on giving, they’re consistently reeling in leads, scoring bookings, and raking in revenue—all from their website investment and SEO efforts. And get this, we did not spend a dime on ads! It’s all organic growth.

Excited already? Let’s dive deeper into their success story to uncover how it unfolded.

The Strategy

Understanding their limitations, I devised a multifaceted strategy to enhance their online visibility. We began by creating a concise, yet impactful, 5-page website. This included crucial sections like a landing page, about, contact, spa packages, and services pages. Our focus was on optimizing each page for search engines using on-page SEO techniques to ensure maximum visibility. 

While we couldn’t allocate resources for any link-building strategies, due to budget constraints, we prioritized our efforts on local search optimization through Google. By fine-tuning their Google Business Profile, gathering authentic positive reviews, and ensuring accurate business information, we aimed to strengthen their local online footprint.


Within a remarkably short span of less than 5 months, the results were astounding. Despite initially not ranking in the top ten, our efforts bore fruit. Through a well-optimized Google Business Profile and a responsive, SEO-optimized website with a user-friendly design, Brow Shape Beauty Lounge & Spa surged into the coveted Google 3-Pack for their targeted keyword.

This significant leap in their online visibility directly translated into a substantial increase in leads, inquiries, and bookings. The streamlined process from search to inquiry to conversion resulted in a notable increase in revenue for the business.

Brow Shape Beauty Lounge & Spa is rocking the top spot on Google Maps for yet another keyword, outshining the globally renowned Benefit Cosmetics!

Furthermore, as demonstrated by their website data post-optimization, there’s a sustained influx of organic visitors, indicating that even after completing the project, they continue to attract visitors naturally, without relying on paid promotions. And even without backlinks. 

What does this imply? It suggests that more than 900 different individuals actively visited their business and showed interest in what services they provide. 

This is proof that having a website is not merely about having an online presence; it’s a calculated step towards enhancing visibility and attracting clients. It helps potential clients effortlessly pinpoint a business on the map and explore all their offerings right on their website.


The quantifiable success exceeded expectations. The return on investment (ROI) for the implemented strategies combined with their social media strategy soared to more than a 500% increase, showcasing the power and impact of a well-executed website and seo strategy.

Not only did the business witness an exponential growth in leads and bookings, but they also established a sustainable and robust online presence that continues to drive revenue.

By leveraging the power of local search optimization, a finely-tuned Google Business Profile, and a well-crafted website, Brow Shape Beauty Lounge & Spa now enjoys a prominent position in their local market and continues to thrive in the competitive beauty and spa industry within Cebu City.

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